At Gomibo, we do everything we can to find the product that is perfect for you. This way you will find a device or accessory that you will enjoy for a long time. 'Actions, not just words' is what we stand for, and striving for sustainable options is part of that. What does Gomibo do for sustainability and the environment?

Encouraging sustainable (re)use of phones


Reparatie smartphone The longer you use your current phone, the fewer phones are purchased. Ultimately, this reduces the production of phones, which in turn contributes to a more sustainable world. We encourage our customers to use their phones for as long as possible. Of course, it can happen that something is wrong with a device. In such cases, we help customers solve device problems themselves. This avoids another wasteful delivery trip, and the customer may reach a solution sooner. You can read more about the self-solving of device problems here.

Unable to solve the problem yourself? In many cases, it is still not necessary to buy a new product. We know from experience that a simple solution or a repair will allow you to enjoy your phone for much longer.

Outlet & refurbished

With our comprehensive all-in-one comparison guide, we do everything we can to make sure you choose the product that is right for you. Of course, it may happen that the colour or size is not what you expected when you unpacked the product which is why you want to return it. We can then no longer sell this product as new, but we have found a solution for this thanks to our outlet. By selling the products in our outlet, products get a second chance and customers can buy a device at a more competitive price. We also repair (slightly) damaged products and offer them a second life in our outlet. Good for you and even better for the environment.

When you buy a new device from Gomibo, you also have the option of choosing a refurbished iPhone. A refurbished smartphone is a phone that has been used before, but still works completely fine. These devices have been checked, possibly repaired, and are given a second life as a refurbished model. By choosing a refurbished phone, you avoid having to produce a new one, which is very environmentally friendly!

Honest advice

We will help you find the product that is right for you. This way, you can enjoy your product for a long time and you don't have to trade it for a new one. For this purpose, our developers have created an extensive all-in-one comparison guide. From colour, size, to material: you can select all kinds of filters so that you can find a product that meets all your requirements.

Not sure yet about what you want? Then you can contact our customer service for honest advice. We do not work with sales bonuses or targets: our colleagues advise you just as they would advise their families. This way, you will not end up with an unnecessarily expensive device or with unnecessary accessories that end up in a drawer at home.

Advies klantenservice

High-quality products

All products on our website, ranging from wireless chargers to new smartphones, must first pass our Product Team. They assess whether a product meets our standards and whether it is good enough to add to our range. It also happens regularly that we don't include products on our website. We choose high-quality products, which you as a customer can enjoy for a long time.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly products and brands

In our product range, you will find products of more sustainable origins. Some great examples are the products from Fairphone and House of Marley.


At Fairphone, materials are sourced responsibly. This has earned them the certification (by environmental label Blue Angel) of Most sustainable smartphone in the world. Besides that, their devices are modular, which means you can replace individual parts. So if your camera shatters, you don't have to replace the whole phone, but you can replace the separate camera. This way, your device will last for years! Besides smartphones, Fairphone also develops earbuds, phone cases, and other accessories such as chargers and adapters. You can find their replaceable modules on this page.

House of Marley

Sustainability is not just an issue for a smartphone, but also for its accessories. That is why we also have (more) sustainable alternatives for accessories such as speakers and cases. An example of this are the audio products from the House of Marley brand. This brand uses (more) sustainable materials such as bamboo, recycled organic cotton, and recycled PET. Their products are delivered in cardboard boxes made from recycled paper.

Packing and shipping


Did you know that you can influence the environment yourself by using different delivery options? By having your package delivered to a package pick-up point rather than to your home, you can reduce CO2 emissions. This is because the delivery driver won't have to drive to your house and can deliver several packages in one go.

Additionally, we no longer send out a letter when you order a SIM Only extension from us. You will receive all information about your contract by email. That does not only save paper, but also shipping!


We have optimised the size of our boxes so that we can send as much as possible in the smallest possible package. Our smallest box will therefore (almost) always fit a phone with case, screen protector, and SIM card. This saves rides for the shipping company.

We currently still use padding material in the form of inflatable air bags. We chose this because they are only inflated when the order is being packed. This saves transporting heavy, bulky rolls of paper, which we used to use as padding material. This padding material prevents your order from being damaged during transport.

Finally, we have stopped including leaflets in the shipping boxes. This saves a considerable stack of paper every day.


Kantoor indeling We try to design our offices to be as sustainable as possible. For example, our offices are not divided into smaller office spaces with their own climate control systems. The space we have is used as efficiently as possible. We also use LED lighting and most of our furniture is refurbished.

The location of our offices, in the centre of Groningen, makes us easily accessible with public transport. The vast majority of our colleagues even walk or cycle to work; this also saves CO2 emissions.

The coffee we drink in our office is made from the beans of Pure Africa. These are not only sustainable, but for every kilo of coffee sold, Pure Africa also invest €1 in micro-loans.

Long-distance meetings usually take place online or by telephone. For external appointments that really can't be arranged by phone, such as visiting a trade fair, we encourage our colleagues to take the train.


We are actively working on making our process more sustainable. This is a process that we are tackling step by step everyday. Do you have any questions or suggestions regarding sustainability? Please pass them on by contacting our Customer service team.

Disposal of electrical or electronic equipment(AEEA)

Logo AEEA/WEEE We, at Gomibo, obviously want to prevent the release of hazardous raw materials that are contained in certain devices into nature. This is why you will find this symbol on the right on our batteries, electrical devices, and electronic devices. Products with this image should not be thrown in the bin. By clearly stating this, we want to contribute to the reduction of these hazardous substances in nature, and so help protect the environment and human wellbeing. You have the option of returning this material to a suitable collection point.