Ecommerce Europe Trustmark


UPS Logo UPS handles the shipment of parcels within Europe for Gomibo. UPS has been active in postal and parcel delivery worldwide since 1907 and is active in 56 countries and areas in Europe. Because of the collaboration between Gomibo and UPS, our customers in Europe can count on a fast delivery of their parcels. Via the UPS website, you can keep track of when your parcel will be delivered.


PayPal logo At Gomibo you can pay quickly, easily, and safely with PayPal. What makes PayPal so convenient is that you can use your email address to pay safely on your PC, tablet, and phone. For more information about the payment service, visit the PayPal website.

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark

Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Gomibo is a member of the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. This also indicates for other European countries that you are dealing with a reliable webshop that complies with the applicable regulations. 

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